Observational studies have been carried out in arid, semi-arid and dry-subhumid ecosystems of all the continents except Antartica. Here is a map showing the location and some characteristics of the network of research sites deployed within the BIOCOM project (as of 18 January 2012).

View larger map: Laboratorio Ecosistemas Semiáridos

Below you can find examples of some of the ecosystems surveyed.

Stipa tenacissima steppes in Spain (left) and Morocco (right)

Semi-arid shrublands in Spain (left) and Argentina (right)

Semi-arid shrublands in Chile (left) and Venezuela (right)

Stipa tenacissima steppe in Tunisia (left) and open woodland in Australia (right)

Semi-arid shrublands in Mexico (left) and the United States of America (right)